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MBS From High

Darryn Chiew climbed the stairs and took this picture.

He said:
Actually, believe it or not, the photo was taken from the top floor of the yet-to-be-completed West Wing!


Click on picture to open new window for full size(1 Mbyte).

Yew Zheng (the late Mr. Leong’s son) and I obtained permission from he contractor to go upstairs to take the photo. The contractor readily agreed after giving us a safety briefing, since the stairs were already built. When the new block is completed, go on to the top floor and you’ll have an excellent view of MBS, just like in that photo!

From even higher, Google’s satellite pictures contributed by Lo Kok Kee:

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Sydney branch dinner

Sze Tin’s post: “There were 15 of us and our dinner lasted from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm. We were the last but one table to go.”

And why was this? Because the usually quiet David Yap Kun Tiat (Form 6, 1964-65) decided, at around dessert, to tell us tales of his wild youth. We almost fell off our chairs.

His family lived near the school and one night he just had to know if the jaga was illicitly enjoying the airconditioning from under the office door. So he crept up and tried out the bed while he thought the jaga was far away. (All this accompanied by some choice Punjabi swear words!) Another time he was sent to Mr Mori to be caned for saying a certain six-letter “b” word. He says he was just in class discussing with another boy: “Is it spelled burger, do you think?” And it just came out. Yeah, sure. He also had a taste of magic mushrooms which sprouted overnight out of cowpats at Batu Caves after rain. He implicates classmate Chan Weng Kit. WK had a car, a Mini, and was able to rush them to Batu Caves to pick the stuff. Once KT went to a movie, The Battle of the Bulge, after a mushroom meal and thought the tanks were rolling over him. Comment from Soon Sinn: “Imax effect for cheap movie price. Not bad!” (BTW, WK grew up to be a headmaster, in Seremban.)

Oh the dinner… it was great and I think we talked non-stop. Towards the end the staff were vacuuming all around us. Thanks to Keng Sun for organising it, and to Sze Tin too for helping pick the dishes. Captions with help from Keng Sun. Mistakes my bad (quoting Kiwi Edward). Corrections, additions pse direct to ES.

din1 – (left to right) – Mrs Lau; Dr Lau Kit Sun; Lim Sze Tin; Goh Soon Sinn

din2 – (left to right) – Kim Huat; Swee Nyet (Mrs Soon Sinn); Lucy; Simon Woon

din3 – (left to right) – Lucy; Simon Woon; Anthony; Catherine (Mrs Anthony)

din4 – (left to right) – Cathrine; Eng Sim; Jonathan Paul; David Yap Kun Tiat; Janette (Mrs David)

din5 – (left to right) – Lucy; Simon Woon; Leong Keng Sun; Anthony

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Lake Club, 27 August 2007

Hanifah called an impromptu meet at the Batek in the Lake Club. One wonders why so many people could show up with such short notice.

1. Wong Tuck Meng
2. Albert Rajaratnam
3. Liu Kwai Choong
4. Hanifah Yoong
5. Wan Heng Yuen
6. Low Min Chee
7. Eric Teo
8. Chang Siew Hoong
9. Jeffrey Yue
10. Jonson Chong
11. Anuar Mohd Ariff
12. Tan Jee Yien
13. Lim KK
14. Evelyn Ho
15. Foong Sai Cheong
16. Yoon Fook Sang
17. Wong Chun Keong
18. Ng Eng Kiat

19. Angeline Yoong (Mrs. Wong Chun Keong)
20. Navin Kini

Hanifah wondered what everybody does on a Sunday evening and wanted to have drinks. It turned out he had to go to Rembau and the others were not free. It then became a Monday late afternoon affair.

Albert Rajaratnam

Many of us were glad to meet the most senior poster on the MBSLoop. Albert did not turn out to be that old as imagined before seeing him in the flesh.


Anuar was at the Lake Club not by appointment. He happened to be there and saw a stream of faces he recognised.

Hanifah and Jeffrey



Eric, Evelyn, Min Chee


Jonson and Chun Keong


Sai Cheong and Kwai Choong


Tuck Meng and Albert

Front row from left:
Jonson, Sai Cheong, Fook Sang, Hanifah, JY Tan, Heng Yuen
Second row from left:
Albert, Angeline, Evelyn, Tuck Meng, Kwai Choong, Eric, Naveen
Back row:
Chun Keong, Min Chee, Siew Hoong, Anuar, Eng Keat, Jeffrey.

Our thanks to Hanifah for being the gracious host.

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