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Lower 6 Newcomers 2008

16th May 2008, Dato’ Lee Lee Tak Lum arranged for some alumni to meet the students who started lower sixth form this week. Those who took part were:

1. Phang Yat Hoong (The oldest at 73 & still actively working and jogging)
2. Dato Lee Tuck Lum
3. James Lim
4. Jayanath
5. Wan Heng Yuen
6. Cheah Foong Choon
7. Lai Wing Fatt
8. Darryn Chew (The youngest, who just completed Form 6 in 2007)

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MBS From High

Darryn Chiew climbed the stairs and took this picture.

He said:
Actually, believe it or not, the photo was taken from the top floor of the yet-to-be-completed West Wing!


Click on picture to open new window for full size(1 Mbyte).

Yew Zheng (the late Mr. Leong’s son) and I obtained permission from he contractor to go upstairs to take the photo. The contractor readily agreed after giving us a safety briefing, since the stairs were already built. When the new block is completed, go on to the top floor and you’ll have an excellent view of MBS, just like in that photo!

From even higher, Google’s satellite pictures contributed by Lo Kok Kee:

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Kiwi Dinner and School Building Fund

7th May 2007 Lake Club Kuala Lumpur


Group Photograph.
[Click to enlarge – opens in new window]
Standing from left:
Dato’ Teo Chiang Quan, Foong Yoke Thien, Captain Ho Fooi, Jeffrey Yue, Palakrishnan, Fong Yuen Hoe, Ng Kok Keng, Loke Kwok Lim, Low Ching Cheong, Captain Low Pak Hoong, Yoon Fook Sang, Cho Kok Sum, Wong Choon Seng, Lai Wing Fatt, Wan Heng Yuen
Seated from left:
Foong Kwok Chuen, Letchumi (Pala’s wife), Tan Lee Lee, Ng Pui Wan (Heng Yuen’s wife) and Wong Tuck Meng.

The two kiwis did not deserve it but were brave enough to show up for a dinner just to meet up with other MBSians. Chiang Quan has not meet Kwok Chuen for a while and made it a point to catch up on old times.

The dinner was graciously hosted by the Wongs, Tuck Meng and Choon Seng. Still the hat went round and a sum of RM1030.00 was collected.

The motley crew then held a hurried discussion and decided to contribute this sum to the MBS Centenary Building Fund.

The collection has been handed to Headmaster Mr. Wong Chee Kheon.


It was at the visit to the school before the last chicken rice eating binge that it was suggested that MBSLoop start a collection towards the school building fund. Should the sum of RM50,000 or more be collected, then a classroom would be named “MBSLoop”.

Five persons have already pledged a sum of Rm1,000.00 each to this end:

  1. Low Cheng Cheong
  2. Liew Fook Song
  3. Wan Heng Yuen
  4. Wong Choon Seng
  5. Captain Ho Fooi

In addition to the RM1,030 already paid, the fund now stands at RM6,030.00

Through Dato’ Lee Tak Lum, building fund committee chairman, a request will be made for the names of the donors to be on a plague of said new classroom.

Artist’s Impression of the New Wing

Should MBS alumni want to contribute, please make out your cheque in favour of “MBSSKL Centenary Building Fund” and send it to:
Methodist Boys Secondary School
Jalan Hang Jebat
50150 Kuala Lumpur

With a note to the headmaster that your contribution is for the MBSLoop. A receipt will be issued in your name. Please do include your current mailing address for the receipt to reach you safely. Do note that payments made before end of July is exempted from taxable income in Malaysia.

Should you wish to bank in the money directly, please do so at any Malayan Banking branch to account 514039236363 in the name of MBSSKL Centenary Building Fund and send the pay in slip by fax or mail to the school.

There is no easy way for our schoolmates overseas other than a bank draft in favour of said account. sent to the school.

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