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Mr. Yong Chee Seng Goes Home, Alumni Lunch

15th May 2016

It has been many moons since any post was put up in this MBSLoop.

This morning, Pete wrote in the wee hours of the morning that our Mr. Yong Chee Seng has passed on. Whilst the cause of death was not revealed, Mr. Yong was involved in a freak accident on 3rd May 2016. The Star had a report and a video here.

Mr. Yong rescued from the hole in the road accidentYCSRescued

Rest in Peace Mr. Yong
We will miss you with fond memories

Picture taken from The Star.

The affection the Alumni has for Mr. Yong could be best expressed in one picture taken at an MBSKL Alumni event two years ago.

After the accident this blog registered a spike in activity with the search term “Yong Chee Seng”

A lunch for MBSKL Golden Alumni, those who are aged 65 and above had already been arranged at the Pik Wah Restaurant. The alumni received the news of Mr. Yong’s demise with sadness. A minute of prayer in silence was dedicated to the memory and appreciation of our headmaster.

The lunch was arranged by a Golden Alumnus, Low Kong Ming, pictured here with Charlie Ng.


The people at lunch. Click on any picture to start slide show.








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