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Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year 2011

Quick and dirty update number 2 – more photos added 14th February 2011.
(Click on images for full size)

These two, Ka Kiong and Chee Wah greet arrivals. Their role is obvious.

People started arriving around 6 p.m. The din gradually rises to crescendo as the dining hall fills up and alumni chatter with each other.

Report on the MBSloop CNY Dinner on Feb 12, 2011
(Lai Wing Fatt)
The function room at the Grand Imperial Restaurant at Sri Hartamas was filled to the brim with 20 tables, a record for this popular annual event. Low Min Chee and Peter Yap the co-organisers, with full support from the MBSalumni committee, were instrumental in ensuring that this will be the best in these series of our annual loop CNY Dinner celebrations.

MC Lai Wing Fatt started the night with recognition of visitors from overseas & welcoming of guests, which include luminaries like Tan Sri Yong Poh Kon, Tan Sri Tay Ah Lek, Justice Tan Sri James Foong & others. Lim Sze Tin, the second highest MBSloop contributor, from Sydney while Cheah Foong Chon, the third highest MBSloop contributor & loop laureate from Singapore, & Goh Soon Sinn from Sydney were present. From Beijing, there is William Tan, a classmate of Lim Yew Tjek (Jack). Local boy Lee Yoke Meng, the top contributor to the MBSloop, was also present.
A message from KC Foong, head-honcho of the NZ MBSalumni chapter, conveying his best wishes was read out. Acknowledgement was given the main sponsors – Dato CQ & Carlsberg for the 5 barrels of beer & Kevin Kumar of Black Tie Events Asia, a classmate of Darryn Chiew, for the 5 piece band as well as the sound system.
The dinner started with the traditional "yee sang" salmon fish dish which everyone participated on cue from the MC. Entertainment commenced with the junior & amateur dancing champions from William Lor’s dance academy performing their cha-cha, rumba, samba & jive numbers in the limited dance floor space. Next to come on was Darryn Chiew, who recently returned from UK after completing his law studies. Though an accomplished pianist, he claimed that he has never played the saxophone in public until then & performed 2 numbers, one English & one Chinese song for this special occasion. The Whites, with beautiful & sensuous songstress Noni, took over to step up the tempo for the night for the next 45 minutes. After the pulsating performance by The Whites, came the refreshing Kevin Leong, aka Sam Hui of MBS, who gave his humorous & entertaining rendition of famous songs made popular by the Cantopop great. The raucous applause was a good indication of the crowd’s appreciation of the MBS has talent on show.
While waiting for the band to perform their second gig, Katsunori Mori, son of our beloved T Mori, performed his unique yodeling song sung acapella to the amazement of the enraptured crowd & school principal Mr Wong Chee Kheon gave an update of the school’s on-going activities & achievements, including the five-star & cluster school status previously conferred & the anticipated award as a School of Excellence. He followed up by leading the attendees in singing the school song.
The Whites then continued with part 2 of their performance while Wing Fatt & Jocelyn Lor led some eager dancers to the dance floor. Many stayed back till the wee hours of the morning to continue with catching up with old friends while very kindly "helping" to finish the last barrel of beer.
MBSloop Dinner 2011

Gathered as we were for the feast
Mindful of those we may have missed
Whether colourful, loud or what
Sang the school song straight from our hearts

Those with talents willing to show
They dance, they sing one even blow
Cha cha, rumba, samba and jive
Darryn’s saxophone added spice

Cantopop was Kevin’s gravy
Silky moves by William Lor’s babies
Kumar’s five piece band stole the show
With music for the young and old

Some were not able to stay late
Leaving early is what we hate
A good party was in progress
It’s joy and laughter at its best
(Every line has 8 syllables)

Chan Wai meets Min Chee

Joash meets Sze Tin

James Lim, Sze Tin, Jerry Kwok, Mrs Kwok

???001 and ???002

???003, Yong Siew Wah, Tham Tatt Seng, Kevin Leong

Jack Lim and the man from Beijing ???004

By 7.30 pm, the hall fills up


Choo Yew Kuen, Fong Yuen Hoe, Eric Wong

???005, Palakrishnan, Goh Soon Sinn

Wong Chee Kheon, Yong Poh Kon, Esther Teo, Fumiyo Mori

Wong Chee Kooi, Tay Ah Lek

Jeyalingam, Raymond Lye, Mrs Lye, Lawrence Sieh

Oldest MBsian attending, Low Kong Ming and wife

Darryn entertains

cny2Peter with some of the current students of the school
???008,???009, Kar Wai, ???010

Jack Lim, Roshan, Darryn

Darryn, Ron Lim, Peter, Wong Chee Kheon, Jack Lim

cny5 Dinner starts with raw fish

???011,???012, Kah Foo, Eric, Chris

The Whites holding the diners to rapt attention

Mrs Low, Kong Ming, Shu Nam, Eric, Ka Kiong, Kwai Chee

Jack, Mrs Pala, Palakrishnan, Ron Lim, Heng Yuen, Ming Hun

Darryn, sound engineers, Min Chee

Peter with the sound engineers

Peter, Sze Tin, Weng Fatt

???013, Katsunori, Chiang Quan

Peter and bodyguards

The Whites, Weng Fatt, Kevinkumar

Shu Nam, ???014, Jack, Chiang Quan, Esther, ???015

Fumiyo, Poh Kon, James Lim, Chiang Quan, Peter

The man from Beijing, ???016

Fuat Wai, Hsien Loong, Chuen Inn, Jonson, Chun How, ???017, ???018

Need help with identifying these MBSians
???019, ???020, ???021,???022, ???023

And help with these too
???024, ???025, ???026, ???027

Tolong !!!
???028, ???029, ???030, ???031, ???032

???033, Weng Keong, ???034

Wayne, Mrs Pala, ???035, Lai Cheong

???036, ???037, ???038, ???039

William introduces the dances

Kevin Leong aka Sam Hui

Tatt Seng, Min Chee, Wayne, Lai Cheong 
Most of the people have left, leaving these chaps to finish the beer

Peter, Kwok Lim
Tatt Seng, Min Chee, Wayne



February 12, 2011 - Posted by | Alumni, Dining


  1. My 1:30 am poem entitled:-


    The food was good,
    Sound system was good,
    Music was also good,
    Wing Fatt’s English was good,
    And those who didn’t attend, GOOD!

    Comment by Wayne | February 12, 2011 | Reply

    • Also good to put new faces to all those names.
      Also good to see so many old friends all in the same place, some of whom I didn’t think I’d see again this side of eternity.
      Also good that those of us who met the first time could talk like old friends because we have already met on the Loop.

      Comment by Sze Tin | February 12, 2011 | Reply

    • dis just a preview of gooder things to come,
      June 25th 2011 is de given day,
      so mark dis date, our alumni day,
      for it’ll be the goodest event ever,
      MBS’s great god-mummy of sanitized sinful fun for now or never,
      goodest food, music, wine, fellowship and dance,
      de nite that we’ll remember forever…

      * sorry to post like a baru devirginised puppy.

      Comment by pete yehh | February 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thanks Moderator for the pics. They show a very successful evening. I’m green with envy.

    Just a couple of comments. The silver haired gent with Tay Ah Lek is actually Wong Chee Kooi, and the prosperous gent on the right in the next photo is Lawrence Sieh.

    Thank you for pointing out errors and omissions. Amended where applicable.

    Comment by Robert Chan | February 12, 2011 | Reply

    • Moddy, lagi teruk, lah. The gent on the RIGHT is Lawrence Sieh, lah. I don’t know the names of the gent and the lady in the middle but I’m pretty sure she isn’t Florence Sieh. Mrs Sieh (Mei Ling) isn’t in the picture.

      This is very dangerous task, misidentify and mismatch spouses

      Comment by Sze Tin | February 13, 2011 | Reply

  3. Good food ? I did not notice what went into the stomache. Too busy yakking with fellow MBSians.

    The entertainment was fantastic. The Whites (is that name correct ?) belted out some of my favourites. “Oye Como Va” and “Black Magic Woman” by Santana, “Moon Repesents My Heart and “Tian Mi Mi” from Teresa Teng, “Words” – BeeGees and “Anak” – Freddie Aguilar in Tagalog.

    The other songs belong to the younger yuppies, cannot recognise.

    Thanks to the schoolmate who sponsored the singers.


    Deepest appreciation to the organisors who put this together.

    Comment by Lim KC | February 12, 2011 | Reply

  4. ST, in that photo of the 3 musketeers what is it about the water that keeps the locals virile -see the colour of their mop?
    Ask James is he’s booked on AirAsia yet.

    Comment by Robert Chan | February 14, 2011 | Reply

  5. Thanks Peter. It’s a great gathering….. All my former classmates truly happy you all organise this to get us to meet up. We, year ’83 will come in a bigger force at the next gathering in June

    Comment by Ron Leong | February 15, 2011 | Reply

    • Likewise for my Year (Form 5 – 1991). Kudos for a fantastic job Peter!

      Comment by Jack Lim | February 15, 2011 | Reply

  6. Oh ya, thanks to Pete, i had a wonderful Ladies Night, hahahaha!

    Comment by Joash Mock | February 15, 2011 | Reply

  7. I used to enjoy the glamour of being the youngest Alumnus at the Loop dinners… but I gladly concede the title.
    I was absolutely knackered by the time I left at 11.30 but there were still at least 20 – 30 people still seated at the tables yakking like there was no tomorrow… Kudos to you guys..

    Comment by Darryn Chiew | February 15, 2011 | Reply

  8. Ron Leong,

    Quote:- “We, year ’83 will come in a bigger force at the next gathering…”

    May the Force be with you.


    Comment by Wayne | February 16, 2011 | Reply

  9. pic 027 – That’s my dad “Leong Siak Piew”, sitting first on the right, and I think he is talking to my scout master Choo YK. … Yin Wah MBSSKL’87

    Comment by Leong Yin Wah | March 6, 2011 | Reply

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