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TMET Newsletter December 2010

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Newsletter December 2010

The TMET was launched 20 November 2010 at the Royal Selangor Golf Club. While the TMET Facebook page is being developed, it is the TMET committee’s intention to disseminate information to all available MBS sites to reach as many MBSians as possible. If your address is in the TMET data base, you will receive a personal copy. If you do not have an email address yet, a hard copy will be posted to you by “pigeon” post until you are able to get an email address.

clip_image002[4]Lee Tak Suan speaking at the launching of TMET


Mr. Yong Chee Seng Presenting his speech


The total fund pledge is approaching RM850,000 with some of the MBSians sending in their pledges directly and some through their cluster groups. This is very encouraging as the details of the TMET have not even been fully publicised. If you need a pledge form, please contact the leader of your Cluster group or email to the TMET address. No money will be collected yet. Meanwhile, have fun among your friends in your Class of XX Cluster

Mr. Chooi Mun Sou, an old MBS boy of the law firm Chooi & Co. has completed the draft for the TMET and this is currently being reviewed by the founding trustees. He had promised to make it water-tight at the TMET launch.

Robert Chan and KC Foong who were at the launch have returned to New Zealand and promised to generate support for the TMET .The Australians too are doing something and in Japan, Dr. Anthony Foong advised that he is one of 2 known MBSians in the country. Any one knowing anybody in Japan please contacts him via his email address in the MBSLoop. Hopefully MBSians in other countries will form their own clusters or make contact directly with the TMET.

Meanwhile if you have any questions to ask, please email the TMET. Your name will not be published but the question and answer may be posted in a FAQ page when the web page is fully operational.

The TMET committee already had three meetings since the launch although nothing much is expected to be achieved over this crazy period called Christmas.

The TMET committee takes this opportunity to wish everyone




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