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New Zealand Loopers Chinese New Year 2010

27th February 2010

Meanwhile back in the farm, that olive farm in New Zealand, another MBSLoop Chinese New Year do.

The Auckland MBS Chinese New Year party was planned sometime ago. It was to be on the 20th February 2010 but the date did not suit everybody so it was changed to 27 February, one day after the MBS CNY in Kuala Lumpur.

On the day the master chefs probably started early to prepare their dish for the evening. I know for sure that the Yue Sang lady was too busy and Lum Kok Kong and I were left to “go find the fish” for her dish. The two of us left at 6.00 am and launched the boat at Takapuna. Within 15 minutes we had our fishing rods in the water but we were pulling up babies. Unfortunately, they were not the good looking two legged ones. We had to throw about 10 of those critters back into the water – for next year. Having been told not to return if we can’t get fish, desperation sets in and we changed spots a couple of times. The final spot that we picked didn’t have an ikan bilis on the fish finder but it was telling lies. The first big fellow was a Boy Scout as it undid the knot on the hook under pressure. Somewhere in the wide open sea there is a fish with a hook on its mouth (latest fashion craze) but happy to be free to live another day. 8 others were not so lucky and they ended up in the fish bin and reappeared in the evening as Yue Sang and “ikan baker on banana leaves”. Boy, didn’t they taste good.

The crowd turned up at the Olivale Grove Resort early. By the time we turned up, they were all in a happy mood yapping away especially Yap, Yap, Yap and Yap. The fermented barley water helped of course. Kids were running all over the place among the olive trees and the goodies were piling up on the dinner table as the chefs drifted in.

There must have been 50 adults and children at the party. At about 7.00 pm, after an hour of starring at the food, Michael gave the signal and the three big dish of Yue Sang were tossed into shape and into very happy tummies. This was followed by uncountable plates of high cholesterol food (who cares?), wine and more barley water. Amid laughter, back slapping and “friendly insults” the food were demolished. Desert which followed were hardly touched as there wasn’t enough room for anything else.

The sound of guitars strumming in the air soon attracted a small group of people and we sang (tried to sing) for a while. This was followed by a photo session and the MBS School song – the only song which we could remember the words and sang to the end!

This year there were a few more new members and the numbers have grown. The new people blended it really well and soon were talking like old mates. We all left close to midnight knowing that we had a great evening. There were talk already of having a Hawkers Evening and plans were tossed around for the 2011 do! It will be different when it comes. Maybe we can all cramp into Kok Zen Ken’s Farr 1020 for a sail to Waiheke for a picnic… with Woody Knot following behind….. with the fish.

Thanks to Jamie, Michael and the family for being great hosts again. Not only did we use up the water from their water tank but we left them the task of cleaning up the mess. Michael was told in no uncertain term that he is not allowed to sell the olive orchard!
We felt sorry for the following people who didn’t make it.
• Wan Heng Mun escaped to KL on a business trip and missed out on a great do.
• Danny “Lat Foo” hurt his back and couldn’t make it to the car so she MBSian
Lilian Loh Kin Ley couldn’t do the 1.5 hours journey from Hamilton to get to the party
• Wai Sek Mau lost his senses and couldn’t smell out a good feed
• Leong Yap was commanded by Allana to be in KL for their mother’s special

The New Zealand choir singing the MBS Song:

(click on image for full size)
Front L to R: Chan Mong Fatt, Soon Li Voon, Tan lee Lee, Alice Hon Loy, Chan Ken Meng
2nd Row L to R: Robert Chan, Michael Yap, Amster Tang, Bernard Yap, Sit Chee Kin, Frank Yap, Micahel Fu
Back L to R: Albert Yap, Steven Au, Edward Leong, David Chow, Danny Tham, Lim Kok Kong, KC.Foong; Kok Ken Zen

(click on image for full size)
FR Girls : Stephanie Yap; ; ; ; ; Jolene Chow;Selena Yap; MR: Siong Tang; Lee;Serena Yap; Maggie Sit, Angel Au; Joanne Lum;Jamie Fu BR:Veronica Tham; Lorna Kok


Lee, June Leong, Siong Tang, Amster, Maggie Sit

SerenaYap, Rita Chan, Lauren Yap

Lee Lee and Stephanie preparing the Yue Sang

Yap, Yap, Yap and Yap

KC, Michael, Rita and Robert

Lee, June Leong, Siong Tang

Serena, Rita, Lauren

Back: Steven, Michael
Front: Albert and Michael

KC and Lee Lee

Li Voon, June, Veronica, Maggie

Tan Jit Meng and Robert

KK, KC Michael, Mrs. Kok and Ken Zen

Nyonya Kueh for desert



The Yue Sang

June and Edward Leong; Frank and Serena Yap
Before it disappears!

The Yue Sang Stampede

Li Voon and Jit Meng

The Fu girls – Sabrena and Justina

The Fu boy, Nick reaches out

Nick, Yuin Khai and old man Foong


Food, glorious food

Amster (in white cap), Yuin Khai, Mong Fatt and Chris

Chan Keng Meng and hubby

Alice and Lee Lee

Then it got dark

and darker



What noise are they generating

(click on image for full size)
A Happy Chinese New Year – smiles all around
Bring on 2011


February 28, 2010 - Posted by | Alumni, Dining


  1. Were Henry Mango Chan and Hanoi 大樹頭炒粉 at this party ?
    Cannot recognise them if they were with you guys.

    Mong Fatt and Hon Loy, pls stand up or raise your hands ….

    There you go, Peter, photographic evidence of Alice and Henry at the NZ Chinese New Year party

    Comment by Pete Yehh | February 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. Henry Mong Fatt and Alice Hon Loy are both seated, one in red and the other in black.

    Comment by Robert | February 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. Wow! Did not realise there is this large group of old boys/girls in New Zealand. 🙂
    Good that the spirit of MBS is kept flying high in that part of the world.

    Warmest regards,
    Lai W.K. (MBSKL, 1965 – 1977)

    Comment by Lai W.K. | April 5, 2010 | Reply

  4. Hi guys,

    I didn’t know that there are so many MBSOBA in Auckland, I am from class of 1977 (Form 7) and would like to meet anyone i know in Auckland, I am currently staying in Forrest Hill, North Shore.

    [Moderator] Form 7 ?

    Comment by Yong P C | April 5, 2010 | Reply

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