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Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year 2010

We started late. People began trickling in around 6.00. No matter, the Carlsberg kegs courtesy of  Waterco were being delivered only around that time.

Early arrivals had time to jabber.

Wing Fatt kept his promise for a short welcome and ended with a one minutes’ slience to remember Mr. Liu Kwai Choong.

The night started with the MBS song led by Ming Lye. One wife asked whether the whole gang has been in constant practice together to sing the song with such unison and vigour (watch video below).

D01 Albert, T Mori, Pala, Larry, Yong Heng Foo of Waterco MBS same year with Python Yoon Fatt

D03 Fook Sang, Yong Heng Foo, Min Chee, ??? Albert guarding the beer.

D05 Phillip Lor. Jocelyn Lor, Simon Tan, Kok Keng, Kok Sum

D07 Setting up the sound system

D09 Chris,???, ???

D11 Peter, Pala, Ming Lye, Kok Sum, Foong Yoke Thean, Wing Fatt

D13 Kok Kee, Peter, Pala, Fook Sang, Ming Lye, Choo Kok Sum, Yoke Thean, Wing Fatt, Tang Lai Cheong

002 Larry, Kok Kee, Fong Chon

Soon Peng, Ming Lye, Mo Lin

Kok Kee, Mo Lin, Wayne

Ho Fooi, Soon Peng, Min Chee, Wayne, Tak Seng, Siew Wah, Yuen Hoe, Larry

012 The Alumni Association and school heads
Peter, Shu Nam, Wing Fatt
???, Ms Susie Koh (HM Primary), Mr. Wong Chee Kheon (HM Secondary)

014 Jocelyn, Yoke Meng, Python (Yoon Fatt) of East Timor Leste, Lye Hoong Leong, Siow Wei Hong, Heng Foo

016 ???, Jocelyn, ???, T Mori Jr

Wing Fatt, Mo Lin, Min Chee, Donne Ray Radford, Peter

020 Python (Yoon Fatt) of East Timor Leste, Ming Lye, Jeffrey, Fook Sang, ???, ???

Jonson, Peter

024 Mo Lin, Cristine Chin, Donne Ray Radford

026 Yu Lin, Allan Yap

028 Seated: Mr & Mrs Mickey Quah, Mr. & Mrs Lip Shien. Standing: Foo Seong, Yin Kit, Yew Chuan

Ming Lye sings

And the raw fish is served

The young dancers Nisha and Dominic Lor, issues of William Lor

036 ??? Simon, ???

040 ???, ???

Wayne sings “Why Do I Like You”

Yu Lin, Wayne

046 Mee Len, Mo Lin

048 Seated: Mr & Mrs Mickey Quah, Mrs Lip Shien, Wing Fatt,
Standing: Fai Meng, Kok Sum, Lip Shien, Donne Ray Radford, Yin Kit, Foo Seong, Yew Chuan

050 The most senior school mates

Peggy, Sally, Wong Ah Meng, Myrna, Katsunori Mori, Albert, Jerry Kwok, Jeyalingam, Jocelyn, Ngiam Fook Thien, June

052 Peggy, Sally, Myrna, Wong Ah Meng, Chin Tsu Yong, Donny Ray Radford, Jeyalingam, Jerry Kwok, Ngiam Fook Thien, Albert, June

Videos uploaded by Peter:

Lorsang – 搅生

Chan 家 duet

Go Forward MBS 前进  MBS !

My Girl – 我的女孩

Only You – 只有你

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – 煙霧到你的眼睛

Twilight Time – 黃昏時間

Great Pretender – 偉大的冒泡

Love Story –  愛情故事 – Ming Lye


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  1. Helloo Mr. Yong, how are you? This is Pius, I just blogwalking when I found your photo here hehe…Ok see you soon

    Comment by Pius | February 17, 2011 | Reply

  2. And Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fat Cai

    Comment by service ac | February 17, 2011 | Reply

  3. Can someone put me in touch with Chan Ming Lye ?

    Comment by eanpengmas292 | March 29, 2013 | Reply

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