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Of Missing Persons and Tiger Shows

12th February 2010. LST reporting from Sydney.
This report in the original PDF format with larger photographs can be downloaded here.

Missing Persons Report – Eve missing after Tiger Show… I mean Lion Dance

The Sydneysider exMBSians had our CNY dinner on Friday 12 Feb 2010. Glad to report that there were some defections from other chapters for this auspicious occasion.  See photo below:

Note defectors Goh Soon Sinn, Evelyn Ho and Wai Sek Mao. There were 21 in all, including non-exMBSian spouses and Eve’s escort for the night, who was behind the camera in this photo. Gloria Chong, somehow managed to escape being captured by this photo. Must have been powdering her nose at that time but no-one seemed to have noticed, not least of all Mikall. Wonder if he spent the night in the doghouse.

The night was enjoyed by all. Food at the Kam Fook Restaurant in Chatswood was good and the price was reasonable. Wine was underwritten by Wai Sek Mao (Cloudy Bay, of course) and Keng Sun (some rather fine wine, the names of which escapes me). The fellowship was outstanding and we were conscious that we were meeting for more than a meal … we were
giving recognition to the institution, the portals of which we all had the privilege to pass through… our beloved MBS. Witness the fellowship in our photos below.

David, Gloria, Mikall and Simon Woon catching up on old times

Soon Sinn catching up with Kim Huat and Lucy, while Kung Seng holds his perpetual Gong Xi Fa Cai stance, in accordance with the festive season. I didn’t get the name of the fella in the red shirt and I didn’t get the opportunity to talk to him but I presume he must have discovered the fountain of youth and kept it to himself, judging from the appearance of the
rest of us.

See what I told you about Kung Seng’s stance? With him are Kim Huat and Dr Alvin Wee. Panning a little to the left, we have the younger set, Simon Woon and Eugene Chooi

Adrian Leong and Rick Siew on the left and, together at work and at leisure , Soon Sinn and yours truly. I sure hope Soon Sinn wasn’t discussing anything important as, after that red wine, I can’t even remember my own name.

So, you see, we all enjoyed the fellowship and the food. Nice to catch up with the people from KL.

And… the HIGHLIGHT OF THE EVENING… our very own Tiger Show… I mean,


Eat your hearts out, you Kuala Lumpians. Your Elvis, Cliff, Tiger Show and whatnots don’t come close to our programme.


…just as everybody turned back to their food and conversation, I looked up and, to my horror, Eve had disappeared from her seat, with the Lion smacking its lips. I didn’t dare to look but was that blood on the floor? I hope the smile on Jenny’s (Eve’s escort on the night) face proves me wrong. I didn’t dare ask anyone, for fear they would confirm my fears. I had no time to check up on Eve because I had to make it out of the car park as my 3 hours free parking was coming up and I would have had to pay $8. I had to
choose between $8 and Eve. No brainer. I’m sure you would have made the same decision, if you were in my shoes.

But, justice is poetic. Our inimitable Seng Kong, in his hurry to get out of the car park managed to tunnel his way into the car park across the road and… that car park was already closed, so he could not get out. Neither could he find his way back to this car park. I was one of the four valiant people who waited for him as Wai Sek Mao guided him back over the mobile phone. So, I was late anyway and had to pay $10.

That’s the way the night ended. I hope I am wrong and Eve had somehow, beyond my comprehension, escaped the jaws of the Lion. So, you guys, if you sight Eve anywhere… Sydney, KL, Timbuctoo, please let me know and ease my mind. Otherwise, the sense of guilt would forever be with me because I was the one who picked this Lion for the performance. You see, the Lion owners asked me which Lion I wanted and, being the kedekut that I am, I picked the cheapest one, although they warned me that the cheapest one had not yet been trained properly and may be a little hard to control. Sorry, Eve.

Till the next time, guys. Thanks for your company. God bless all of you.


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