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50’s Old Boys

5th August 2008

I was summoned to dinner, a summons that cannot be disobeyed. The evening at Noble House Jalan Delima turned out to be one not to be regretted.

50’s refers to the years these senior gentlemen were in MBSKL. Four of them had since made Australia their home and was in Kuala Lumpur for a visit.

Kam Fatt and Kong Ming

MBSOBA Vice President Hoy Hoong signs up Kuen Cheong and Yee Kong as OBA members

Back Row:
Ho Chee Wah, Cheong Kah Thong, Wan Heng Yuen, Low Wai Kong, Yap Hoy Hoong, Lim Kim Kiat, Cheah Yew, Tan Kim Hock, Chan Tuck Choy, Kan Yew Kwok, Chok Wan Tho, Chang Siew Fah, Ho Jo San

Front Row:
Chan May Fui, James Siew Kow, Leong Yee Kong, Chu Tham Sang, Teng Kuen Cheong, Liu Kwai Choong, Tay Ah Lek, Jeffrey Chan Kam Fatt, Low Kong Ming.

[Could someone please help with putting names to the ??? Low Wai Kang, Kan Yew Kwok, Cheong Kah Thong]

Among the seniors there were two Group Scout Masters, Kwai Choong and James Siew. Scouters who mentored many of us in our formative teenage years included Chu Tham Sang, Tan Kim Hock, Chang Siew Fah and Chan Tuck Choy. The other seniors were the ones we looked up to for guidance and learned from by the MSMD (monkey see monkey do) method. They are pretty good monkeys.

Pre-dinner smiles

The youngest person there, Chee Wah was not even born when these guys left school.

Kan Yew Kwok, Kong Ming, Heng Yuen, Wan Tho
Yee Kong, Ah Lek, May Fui
Ah Lek at the centre checks out photographs of the 50s that Kuen Cheong brought along

Jo San, Low Wai Kong, Tham Sang


August 5, 2008 - Posted by | Alumni


  1. Awesome.

    I can still recognise some of the old buggers! But Yee Kong? I could walk right past him without recognising him!

    Mr. Wan, when are we going to have the 60s?

    Foong Kwok Chuen ..60s

    [KC, 60s can be done 10 years after the 50s]

    Comment by Kwok Chuen | August 6, 2008 | Reply

  2. On the 50’s Old Boys photos on 05Aug, I am the guy ??? sandwiched between Chee Wah and Heng Yuen.

    Comment by Cheong Kah Thong | August 10, 2008 | Reply

  3. Heng Yuen,

    The group photo 3rd down: here are the identification for those with ???.
    From left to right:
    Between Chee Wah & you is Cheong Kah Thong.
    After you Low Wai Kong.
    After Tuck Choy is Kan Yew Kwok.

    5th photo down ??? is Kan Yew Kwok
    6th photo down ??? is Low Wai Kong.

    Thanks for such prompt posting to the internet. This gathering shows that the scouting brotherhood is enduring and the spirit of Baden Powell will be with us always.

    Alfred Teng.

    Comment by Alfred Teng | August 10, 2008 | Reply

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