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Skywalk 3 08-06-2008

One day after the Langat Hills do, at 4 p.m.

What a great trip. Climbing up trees and walking across all the obstacles. It reminded me of my Boy Scouts days. I felt young again. During the scouting days, we also went through many self created obstacles but WITHOUT any safety devices. We must be so lucky as we did not have any major accidents. None of us fell off Bukit Takun. All through the years, I only remembered a fracture arm or a broken leg – not mine.

My 10 years 2 months old daughter wanted to climb the obstacles but could not as she was not tall enough. The Frenchman gave the go ahead and she went through it without problem. After the completing the course, I asked her if she was afraid.

She said, “Only at the beginning but I told myself to think positive and be brave.”

Don’t we all need some self encouragement like this in our life!

Was I frightened ? My mission was only to complete the obstacle course and I was focus on that. I told myself not to look at the ground, just look at the ropes and planks that I have to walk on with my feet. Below my feet, things were not visible. Not frighten at all. I strongly encourage everyone to have a go at it. Actually. it is quite fun and I enjoyed it. Will gladly do it again.

Special thanks to Yin Fah for arranging this trip to time it when I am in KL. He took the trouble to wait for me after a toll gate as I have no clue where the place is. Great gentleman, he is. Also must mentioned that it was Kwouk Chuen and Lee Lee who suggested I contact Yin Fah for the Sky Trek trip while  were having lunch in Singapore. Without their suggestion I will not be there.

Kai Woh

Simon, Julian, Hoy Hoong, Kwok Lim


June 11, 2008 - Posted by | Alumni

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