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Skywalk 2 20-04-2008

This is a late publication received from Hanifa on 21st April 2008

Sunday, 20th Apr 2008 was a cool morning. Transport arrangements were organised with Teck Keong picking up Evelyn, Geok Tin and Lee Lee and Yin Fah picking up Cheah at Sultan Street. Kwai Choong went with wife while Heng Yuen reported late with Pui Wan and Rovers Chun Wah & Wei Keat.

Back Row:
Pui Wa, Lee Lee, Evelyn, Geok Tin, Fog Choon,Yu Lin
Front Row:
Teck Keong, Chun Wah, Wei Keat, Hanifa, Kwai Choong, Heng Yuen

Entrance into Bukit Cahaya was waived as we arranged with the SkyTrex frenchie, Julian, on this score plus a bus to boot for Mrs. Liu and Cheah who volunteered to accompany her. The rest hired bikes and headed towards the SkyTrex station which was a rather tough 15 minutes ride or a 25 minutes ride and push over rolling hills.

Indemnity forms

The mandatory course to prepare climbers was held by the establishment instructor after everyone signed indemnity forms to declare if anyone has a heart attack or plummets to earth in a 10.5 seconds freefall it’s no fault of anyone but him/herself and have donned the complicated harness. Cheah didn’t volunteer to help put on the harness for Evelyn so that was forced upon Lee Lee.

Every first timer was tentative in traversing the low level course after the instruction and rightly so as we had all to be sure of ensuring that both caribiners (look up google if you are not sure what it is) are used at all times. Yin Fah told everyone to take their time and not rush. We can do that in another outing when we challenge Cheah and Hoy Hoong to a timed trek against the stop watch, he said.

After this preliminary practical, we all set about to scale the first challenge which is a 60 feet vertical climb up a stout tree before challenging the multiple catwalks, roller bridge, the tarzan swing, 4 nos. exhilarating flying-fox, a big net attack at great height and a few sky bridges. Everyone passed with flying colours with Lee Lee and Evelyn even doing a lean away from the safety platform. The rovers complained it was too short, just one and a half hours ah!

Mrs. Liu under watchful eyes of Kwai Choong

Kwai Choong takes care of wife

Rover Chun Wah with Kiwi Lee Lee

Hanifa, Lee Lee and Evelyn – it’s safe

Hats off to everyone, especially to Tai Kwai Tow and his lovely wife whom he romanced all through the entire course.

Footnote: Geok Tin decided to challenge the big course another time while Cheah decided to be below us all helping to take photos as was Heng Yuen.

Hanifah Yoong YinFah
21 Apr 2008


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