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King’s Birthday 2008

7th June 2008

There were 58 young o’ boys, some with their families at this Langat summit. Due to the earlier rain and continuous slight drizzle, the air at Langat hills was fresh, crisp and chilly and slightly misty. But comfortably refreshing.

At the lobby

Tuck Meng and Fong Choon

Dinner s served

Yoke Meng, Peng Sum, Tuck Loong, Yuen Hoe, Derek, Wai Hong

Chris, Jaime, Mrs Tony, Tony

Min Chee, Jeremy, Geraldine, Kah Foo
Jeremy and Graldine are Kah Foo’s children

Sulaiman Hew, Goh Sin Min, Joseph Jeyaraj, ???,James Nesaraj

Brent Yap, Simon Wong, Andy Looi, Min Chee

Yuen Hoe on the karaoke

Jeremy and Geraldine with Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”

The buffet was so, so and is not like anything ordered from the ala carte menu.The camaraderie and wine, Chivas and sake did make up for it.

My sincere thanks to Kah Foo and his 2 talented and lovely teenage kids for entertaining us with their very entertaining unplugged singing.
Also my very sincere appreciations to Kok Kee, who loaned us his one of a kind karaoke mike. We had an impromptu karaoke contest, where our Mr Cheah surprisingly kept getting rewarded with a score of ” better effort needed “.

This get together was not as grand or as great as the CNY do, but still enjoyable in its own ways. Thanks again to all who attended.


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