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Chinese New Year 23rd February 2008


MBS Loop CNY Dinner from a “Young Old Boy”’s point of viewThe Early Arrivals
From Left: ???,???,Cheah Fong Choon, Low Ching Cheong, Loke Kwok Lim, Yap Hoy Hoong, Simon, Pala, Cheong Kah Foo, Wong Tuck Meng, Foong Kwok Chuen

Everytime I recall that night, it is still fresh in my memory. I still refer to it as THE night. My first MBS Loop dinner and first time meeting up with my fellow Loopers. Well, the day started with an ordinary day at Boys’ Brigade, listening to the band crank up their tunes and drilling the boys around the basketball court. And of course, having fun with the Junior Section boys.

[More pictures and Youtube videos] at end of post

On 12th March 2007, the New Straits Times reported on the dinner here until NST archives it. The same report in PDF is here.

Anyway, Leong Yew Zheng and I had planned to spend the night in his grandfather’s house after the Loop dinner, which was just behind Jaya 33 ,for convenience purposes, as our last outing to Sunway Convention Centre for MBS’s 110th ended up in us having to take a midnight taxi home.

So after BB, I changed into a shirt, put on my school tie, and took the LRT to Asia Jaya. I dumped my bags in Leong’s room and we made our way to Jaya 33.

When we got there, we saw a wedding reception instead of a gathering of Old Boys. So I gave Mr. Low Min Chee a call and he directed us inside. We were greeted with the red banner of “Horley School Loop CNY Dinner”.

Well, I must remark at this point that it occurred to me that MBS people do not observe Malaysian time. You know, Malaysian time means “an hour later than stated”. The Loopers instead observed MBS time – “1 hour earlier than stated” as it seemed that everyone was here earlier than us! MBS Boleh!

Whos who at the party

Liu Kwai Choong,Fong Yoon Hoe (Cangkul), Captain Ho Fooi and Mrs. Ho

Mr & Mrs Bill Tan Seng Lee, Ho Chee Fun, Mrs Ho Fui (I think!) and others

May Chia, James & son Alphadarius

At first, we did feel rather out of place, but our table leader Mr. Stanley Cheong Kah Foo broke the ice and we were soon part of the noise.

Dinner is served

While we were not adventurous enough to go round the tables to make acquaintances, I did manage to meet quite a number of Loopers whom I have only met online, especially Mr. Foong Kwok Chuen and Mr. Lee Yoke Meng.

Darryn Chiew, Foong Kwok Chuen, Leong Yew Zheng

Then came the moment. The Emcee, Mr, Lai Wing Fatt started off the night by getting everyone on their feet to sing “Go Forward MBS!”

EmCee Lai Wing Fatt

Anyway, soon dinner started , and a 3-part performance was in store for us. First of all, Old Boy Mr. Alex Wong entertained us with his beautiful voice and charismatic performance, singing a few ‘Oldies’ which was and is still popular among those present (but of which I only recognize a few..) It was no wonder that Alex won an award for his singing recently.

Alex Wong, Tan Foi Yong, Yoon Fook Sang, Ho Shu Nam, Foo Ong Pin, Liu Kwai Choong, Chan Kah Kiong

Next, was a dance demonstration by the students of Old Boy Mr. William Lor. The students, Trillian Yong and Nicol Lor (his daughter) danced beautifully and earned many rounds of applause from the audience. Well, naturally anyone would have guessed what happened next. The crowd called for William and his wife to dance. Typical MBSian spirit. William and his wife graciously fulfilled their request. They did demonstrate why they have won a massive collection of dance titles.

William Lor with two MBS badges

Well, after everyone was happy seeing William dance, suddenly, a pop icon of the 50s/60s came in : ELVIS! We were transported back in time as “Elvis Alex Wong” entertained us once again with his realistic impersonation of Elvis.

Then came the moment for the hidden talents to shine. As the karaoke set went on, many Old Boys and Old Girls came forward to prove that the young ones were not the only good ones around! While this was going on, the people had also started moving from table to table to chat with their buddies.


Jeffrey Yue duets “It’s Now or Never” with Alex

Time flew by, and soon enough, it was time to say goodbye. After a rousing rendition of “Go Forward MBS” We sang the traditional Auld Lang Syne and a “Good Night” song as a farewell. But the popular saying in those days is “The Night is Still Young!” I’m sure the last person left well beyond 11.30 pm. We were still hanging around the restaurant , with the “older Old Boys” finishing up the remaining beer, and still chatting like in the good ol’ days.

Overall, the event was a great success, mainly due to Mr. Low Min Chee’s exceptional organizational skills and co-operation from everyone present. We never get that amount of co-operation in school!

Anyway, I shall end this post by saying that although everyone at the dinner was an “Old Boy”, but ALL were still truly “Young at Heart”

-Darryn K.Y. Chiew-

0107 KL

P.S. I only slept at 5 a.m. that night. Must have been due to the excitement. And the beer. =)

Chan Mo Lin and Dato’ Phillip Siew

Molin Lin duets with Alex

Yoon Fook Sang, Allana, Yap Hoy Hoong, Foong Kwok Chuen

Palakrishnan, Mrs. and Mr. Alex Wong

The most senior alumni, Mr. Edward Ponniah

Standing: Foong Kwok Chuen, Allana
Seated: Eda De Silva, Walter

Alphadarius Lim, James Lim, May Choo

Mrs. and Mr. Jeyalingam

James Lim finally meets Allana in person

Eric, Low Min Chee, Simon, Liu Kwai Choong, Wong Chee Fai, Molly Wong, Lee Kee Choon

Katsunori Mori, Kim Mori, Johnny Yap came from Tokyo for the dinner. Seated Johnny’s friend .

Standing: Chia Kok Onn who flew in from Hong Kong
Seated: Eric, Ong Pin, Min Chee.

Videoman Tan Foi Yong

Lo Kok Kee aka Warren Buffet completing the paper work.

Our Own Elvis

Jeffrey and Alex duet

Video credits, Mister Tan Foi Yong

The videos are only part of the collection done by Tan Foi Yong. The rest of the videos are being converted into a playable DVD. Please contact mbsloop_at_gmail.com (please reconstruct the email address) to request a copy. Please provide your mailing address.

Lim Sze Tin volunteered on 29-02-2008:
If there’s anyone who is qualified to demand a report, it’s bro Min Chee, who did so much to organise the event. So, whomever it is, please report. Otherwise, Min Chee may appoint me to write and all the attendees will regret it.

Perhaps, everyone feels it’s too big a task to report on the whole event. With such responsibility, I can see the writer being careful with his words, going over the write-up over and over, etc.

How about spontaneous reporting? Everyone just report the events as they saw them. No need to say great job, well done, enjoyable anymore because we know that already. Just say things like you enjoyed seeing Wai Sek Mau being drunk and dancing naked on the table or something like that. Or maybe you can write for your table and not the whole event. That will make it easier and you have to be less politically correct. Just hang loose and say what you want. Howzat?

Wong Tuck Meng replied on the same day:
Before somebody actually do write as ST suggested, I was not drunk maybe a bit disorderly), and certainly did not dance on the table. Besides that, I had a good time, meeting up with many new faces on the Loop. It was great to see so many alumni coming in from all over the world to attend the dinner. Rather touching was the wholehearted
rendition of the school song (only twice on the night).

It was amazing that so many people brought their spouses, children, and friends to what is essentially a meeting of old schoolmates. We MBSians must have something precious to share with our loved ones. The ages of the gathering must have ranged from 11 (William’s daughter) to 70 (cannot mention any names here).

Like to say some more, but is lunch time here and the wai sek mau will
be otherwise engaged over the next hour. Will continue later.


The entertainment was the highlight of the evening. We had two sessions of Alex, once as himself, where he sang a number of songs out of his famous repertiore (sp?). Then of course, the Elvis session, complete with outfit (go to youtube to catch the show if you haven’t already).

Then, the two exquisite dancers from William’s stable. They were simply stunning. Now, I am no dancer (my wife can testify to this), but I have seen some so-called professionals, the latest being the NZ pair that was going to compete in the World Dancing Competition. The kids were better, trust me. They were lively and supple (sigh – so envious). Then came the surprise of the evening’s entertainment – the impromptu artistes.


Mo Lin’s guest, Annette stole the show with her ‘I will love you’. She did it with such great gusto that matched the younger Whitney. The current Whitney will have trouble duplicating that. I think the audience fell in love with her en masse. Certainly true for Changkul, who ‘borrowed’ her from her husband – not once, but twice, to duet with her. Then there was the home-grown talents – Mee Lian (forgive me if I got your name wrong – blame the beers), and Edwin Ponniah (forgive me again if wrong). Such wonderful hidden talent.

Of course, no party would have gone so smoothly without the lubricant – all 5 barrels of them, and we managed to finished it all down to the last drop. Thanks to those who are responsible for them. On money matters – the collection went well – the system as proposed by Albert, the engineer, worked (surprise, surprise). I got to play monitor (something I did not managed while in school) for my table. Besides collecting the money, I got to distribute the name tags. Like a good little boy, I put on my name tag without looking what was printed on it, only to find out some cheeky sort had put on an extra name for me.

Oh yes, the guys on my table had a bonus dessert in the form of NZ peaches, and since Alex put on such a peachy performance, he was also given a couple of peaches. With that note on food, it’s time for the wai sek mao to sign off.

Lee Yoke Meng added:
I am one of those who brought along my wife and my second daughter. My wife commented after the dinner that its one of the most fun dinner that she had attended . I would say Syabas to Min Chee, Kok Kee and many more who had put in so much effort into the organising the dinner. Keep it up.

And I agree with my wife that this dinner is one of those fun dinners which I had attended and its even more enjoyable compared to the first dinner. I am sure the third one will be even better!

Yo you oz Kangaroos and the Kiwi’s eat your hearts out this time.

Foong Kwok Chuen rebutted in:
Read the NZ CNY report lah. It is a different kind of fun down here lah. Real bonding type of gathering lol

The next one, the wives have decided to go shopping while the guys do the cooking. They thought it would be a problem. No fear man. Just wine, woman and song!..Steak, Chicken and sausage Bar B

Anyway, I got to meet some of teh loopress and two very young loopers.

Foo Yong Tan did a fantastic job with his tiny digital camera. Next time, we have to equip him with the real thing.

Not to forget Lo Kok Kee who was the silent organiser behind the event.

Yue Sau Hung for his wonderful interpretation of “It’s now or never” which stunned Mau Wong and set the scene for the evening.

The Auld Lang Syne(?), was sung from the hearts.


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