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Tree Walk 17th February 2008

Tai Kwai Tow Hanifah Yoong Yin Fah

Lai Wing Fatt & Lam Yaw Ming arrived at Taman Pertanian at 9 am on the Sunday of 17th Feb 2008 – which was an hour early – so, they took a walk around the park first. Hanifah Yoong arrived at 9.30am and was pleasantly surprised to meet up with the unannounced couple of Wan Heng Yuen and his wifey, Pui Wan.
Foong Kwok Chuen arrived at 1 minute past 10am which made him a very lucky guy as he specifically told us to not wait another minute after 10am sharp. He made up the party of 6 from the MBS Loop for the momentous Tree Walk Day outing.

We hired a bike each and promptly set off for the SkyTrex station which was about 20 minutes ride away to the north west of the entrance gate. It wasn’t that easy a ride for Heng Yuen as he really needed to shed some weight, so he pushed uphill most of the way…he was very daring though downhill…like that Armstrong fella coming down the Alps.

Upon arrival we registered and put on the safety harnesses and were put through a short theory course and practical over a low trial course. After that we became “experts” and set off to the first obstacle which was a 60′ climb up a vertical ladder. This was followed by various types of different “catwalk” obstacles, three flying foxes from great heights and a flying fox to a huge net with abit of sideways and upwards climbing. There were some sky bridges with nettings too. The course is about 1.5km long all on tree tops and took as just under an hour and a half.

We all passed with flying colours despite Yaw Ming still suffering from vertigo, Heng Yuen less fit than others, a comparatively youthful Mrs.Wan and Kwok Chuen with a semi-diseased left leg.
We also discovered that an ex-MBS boy is a director of the SkyTrex establishment, Azlan Idrus! He had a good chat with some of us recalling former teachers etc. What a small world indeed.
Azlan Idrus was a school prefect one year younger than President Jonson. He had to be an MBS boy to recognise Monkey Boys’ School when Wing Fatt answered his query on which school we were from.

The gang before the walk

First 60 feet is this vertical ladder

Practice 10 feet off the ground



We Returned the bikes had lunch at around 1pm at the cafe at the entrance gate…the food was delicious – or was it because we were thoroughly worked over and famished from the rather physical outing? After lunch, Hanifah left the group and headed for Chembong near Rembau to join his family at the kampong while the rest adjourned to the four season house on a park bus.

Hanifah Yoong Yin Fah, 17th February 2008, 7.40 p.m.

Photocredits Hanifah Yoong Yin Fah

Kwok Chuen and Heng adds their photographs:

Yaw Ming reaches the platform on the fist 60 feet vertical ladder

The view of the tree canopy, a different angle compared to ground level

What 80 feet up looks like. Yaw Ming starts the catwalk, Pui Wan (Mrs. Wan) waits at the platform. Wing Fatt on the platform below.

Yaw Ming on the first flying fox run

Wing Fatt and Pui Wan waits at the “Tarzan” catwalk

Yaw Ming on the Tarzan catwalk, swing from one rope, grab the next and continue to the other side.

Pui Wan on the penultimate flying fox

Winter in the Four Seasons House. From left: Kwok Chuen, Yaw Ming, Pui Wan, Wing Fatt

Heng Yuen adds:
Hanifah’s decription on the MBSLoop of a “walk” was rather misleading. The expectation was a leisurely garden stroll in the agricultural park. There was no idea of clambering up and down trees at those heights. Having led a sedentary life style for months and enjoying senior citizen entry fee, a George of the Jungle (watch out for that tree) frolic literally in the trees was to say the least unexpected. Something seemed amiss when the harnesses were handed out.

Nonetheless, it was a totally enjoyable outing for all of us, the most senior being 60 years of age and Pui Wan the youngest, a female, her age not to be revealed, except with the indication that she is a grandmother.

I’ll do that again, with Hanifah’s suggestion to Kwok Chuen and I to shed quite a few pounds and me back to regular sessions on the treadmill.


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  1. a most perfect Hole-in-One prize for the coming golf tourney !!

    Comment by HH | February 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. Well done people! Proud of you all. Wish I was there but must admit a little frighten to go so high. You all should organise this again for others to enjoy!

    Comment by Kai Woh | February 18, 2008 | Reply

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