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Oh What A Night! The MBS Loop 1st Anniversary Dinner, Maju Palace, Kuala Lumpur – 7 Dec 2007

Through the eyes and ears of the Radio Repairer, embellished by Wai Sek Mau…

1.32pm, 7 Dec 2007: Low Min Chee, chief organiser of the Loop Dinner writes…
Tonight, tonight is just the night
Hope that we will get it all right

For some good, clean fun its about
With long, lost schoolmates that were out

It all started with one think home
Definitely felt by more than some

Spontaneously we became bee
Precedence or not we shall see

3.29pm, 7 Dec 2007: Chan Mo Lin pens her thoughts on missing the Loop Dinner…

Sorry guys and gals I’ll miss the fun
An earlier invite I accepted that can’t be un-done
I would have loved to come to meet you all
I hear some are quite handsome and pretty tall

But that category does not include Low Min Chee
Neither Yong Fook Sang nor Lo Kok Kee
Though these guys may not be known for their looks
They are super heroes in my book

Surely you all are toilet trained
Min Chee’s caution is such a pain!
Please eat, drink and party till very late
Our cooks and waitresses are all on the take!

Such was the “run-up” or shall we say “warm-up” to the MBS Loop Anniversary Dinner. The MBS spirit was already running high in the days prior to and the afternoon just before the dinner.

Way before 7pm, early birds Yap Tuan Sue (all the way from Melbourne!) and Peter Yap Hoy Hoong’s son Brent Yap were seen warming the seats in the special room allocated to the MBS Loopers.

Wong Keng Fong, Alex Wong and Tuck Meng.
Look for Alex’s transformation to Elvis further down

Then in came Wong Chun Keong, Evelyn Ho, Chang Siew Hoong, Wong Choon Seng, Yoon Fook Sang, Chandran Perumal, Patrick Foo Look Onn and MBS’ own Elvis Alex Wong with his dad, Wong Keng Fong and of course, Wai Sek Mau, resident MBSian born in the year of the Cat aka Dr Kayu aka Wong Tuck Meng.

Unbeknownst to the early birds, Eric Teo and Chris Ng Eng Kiat had set up shop at the entrance to the restaurant Maju Palace, collecting “toll” from the attendees and ensuring that everyone had a name tag to jog the memory of long lost class or schoolmates or meet those from other generations.

Chay Chee Wah, Wong Chun Kong, Chris Ng Eng Kiat, Yang Soon Peng, Foo Ong Pin, Sze Choong, Eric Teo

The camaraderie was amazing and the apprehension just melted away for some who felt they did not know anyone from their own class. As Elvis Alex Wong put it, despite the “small” age gap, he felt quite at home and at ease. More people were meeting face to face. Those they regularly engaged on the loop. Lurkers “uncloaked” and some were invited to come along even if they did not join the loop or de-looped because they were inundated by the prolific exchange of mails.

Chandran Perumal, Chang Siew Hoong, Lim Sze Tin, Evelyn Ho

There were slaps on the back and ahem, on the face as well (Lim Sze Choong meets Foo Ong Pin after a long long time!) as hugs. Incessant chatter was the background music and really cold barrels of beer courtesy of GAB (and credit to Wong Chun Keong) served as the appetiser and enhancement to the dinner.

Wong Chun Kong, Wong Tuck Meng, Wan Heng Yuen, Simon ???, Yap Hoy Hoong, ???, Hooi Weng Cheong, Foo Lok Onn, Leong Keng Sun
Squatting: Liu Kwai Choong, Jonson Chong, James Lim


The emcee of the evening was Lai Wing Fatt and he donned shades and a jacket to introduce the Elvis impersonator par excellence, Alex Wong!
Alex transformed to Elvis

The Loopers just could not get enough of him, with encores and calls of “we want more, we want more”…and Alex, buoyed (hopefully) by the infectious admiration of his audience continued to deliver! Some (for example, Liu Kwai Choong at 70 years showed he still had it) danced along with Alex on his invitation and Alex’s dad was even cajoled to duet with his son.

As Alex was in Elvis garb, many took the opportunity to take photographs of and with “the MBS Elvis”.


There was also a photo opportunity for Alex with all the ladies at the dinner, woweeeeeeeeeeeee!

The Elvis Wannabes: Min Chee, Ong Pin, Alex, Keng Fong, Chandran, Fook Sang, Weng Fatt

We must thank Kok Kee for ensuring the sound system did justice to Alex’s talent!

Wing Fatt had worked hard preparing for his emcee task, and dug up the relevant poetry that had been posted for the past year on the MBS loop…reading them out periodically to punctuate the dinner and give more meaning to the event.

Patrick Foo, Hooi Weng Cheong, Lim Sze Tin and Leong Kai Luen

Those who made the effort to join the dinner from Ozzieland were lauded…Leong Keng Sun, Lim Sze Tin and Yap Tuan Sue. Wong Choon Seng from Kota Kinabalu also rearranged his weekend schedule to be present at the dinner. Low Eng Sim (Sydney) came in spirit and delivered through Keng Sun, little cute Koala clip-ons for those present. Thanks Eng Sim!

Keng Sun and Eng Sim’s bag of Koalas

With the koalas; Lai Weng Fatt, Lim Sze Choong and Jonson Chong

There were 4 Lim brothers – Lim Sze Tin, Lim Sze Choong, James and Alan Lim. Hoy Hoong and his son Brent, Wong Keng Fong and his son “Elvis” Alex were the two proud father and son pairs present. A few brought along their wives/partners to give them moral support (or was it passport problems?).

Chay Chee Wah, Lo Kok Kee, David Chang and Lee Yoke Meng

Many (Heng Yuen, Yoke Meng, Sze Tin, Rex … the list goes on) were given credit for their various roles in the creation, sustenance, maintenance and “colourful” postings of the loop and put paid to the fear that the loop might die out. The organisers and those contributing to the organisation of the dinner had an opportunity to speak and Min Chee had so much (aka too much) to say.

Evelyn Ho, diamond ring and Lo Kok Kee

Warren Buffet held a competition for a Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Ring replica…the ladies present at the dinner had to answer 3 questions. The ring was awarded to the very delighted Radio Repairer, Evelyn Ho.

A mug with 110 MBS badges was the door gift, thanks to Kok Kee’s creativity – Warren’s other talents.

If there had been a table prize (there were 5 tables with 49 attendees), it should go to Min Chee’s table, as their chatter, banter and laughter were the loudest and they “yam seng-ed” the most! They sure knew how to have a good time and were the liveliest table!

However, words just cannot describe the atmosphere and feeling enveloping the room. I am sure the Maju Palace staff waiting on the tables was impressed with the MBS spirit that prevailed from the moment the first MBSian stepped into the room. The school song and cheer was sung more than once that night and with Elvis Alex’s songs still playing in the windmills of the mind, some would have danced all night! When it was time to go home, the catching up chatter continued, new plans were made for smaller get-togethers such as the Cheras Teh Tarik Chapter. It seemed the alumni just had not gotten enough of each other.

Oh what a night indeed…..

Special thanks to Min Chee [& his team] for reviving the Anniversary Loop dinner, and leading the way to a resoundingly successful event.


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  1. These are great photos and videos. Oh what a night and wish I was there!

    Comment by Chan Siew Foon (1957-1969) | December 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. I wish to echo the thanks to Min Chee and his gang of organisers, for the wonderful night. Pity we could only finish 2 of the 3 barrels available. Some people are slacking!

    Tuck Meng
    53-65 KL

    Comment by Tuck Meng | December 9, 2007 | Reply

  3. Good food… good fun… good fellowship! Let’s have more of it!

    Comment by james lim | December 9, 2007 | Reply

  4. I really missed something didn’t I ? Some of Alex’s video clips have not been rotated for ease of viewing and it stops starts on YouTube? Anybody having similar problems or is it just MyTube?

    Chan Mo Lin
    KL 65-66

    Further on, in the videos, the images are captured right side up, so decided against rotating the videos.

    Videos are voracious on bandwidth. Stop/start is common when delivery clamours for more resources. You could wait for the whole video to download and hit “replay” for uninterrupted viewing.

    Comment by Mo Lin CHAN | December 9, 2007 | Reply

  5. Can someone provide all the names of the people in the last photo for posterity, please? I don’t know the names of four of them.

    How about the names of all the 49 attendees? I don’t think all the mugshots were captured on the photos posted above.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sze Tin

    Comment by Sze Tin | January 3, 2008 | Reply

  6. I can’t believe I am seeing these two guys Lai Weng Fatt & Lim Sze Choong here!!

    Ngeow Fah Yoke

    Comment by Ngeow Fah Yoke | December 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Fah Yoke! Where have you been hibernating! We have been trying to contact you!

      Comment by Lim Sze Choong | December 25, 2010 | Reply

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