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Auckland October 2007

The Auckland MBSian Gathering – Saturday 13 October 2007

The weather was looking good at 4.00 p.m. In preparation for an evening out side, we got a couple of mosquito coils going and started a fire to drive the mossies away. Three citronella candles were prepared to do the same job. But at 5.30, the rain came down! What do you expect on the 13th?

Michael & Jamie Fu was the first to arrive and he brought some of his freshly pressed olive oil for us to try. The rest followed shortly and just as we were about to start, we realised the wai sek mau hasn’t arrived. So we waited. That cheeky sort replaced that Cloudy Bay with some obscure Sauvignon Blanc! We had altogether 24 adults and 4 kids jammed into our lounge, kitchen and sun room as we were unable to go outside because of the pouring rain. (blame the Aussies who keep hurling those rain clouds at us. They were just jealous and wanted to spoil our party). There were a few surprises as some of them have met before. Even the wives have met.


FR- Sit Chee Kin, Tan lee Lee, Foong Kwok Chuen , Amster Tang Kum Who
BR: Lum KK, David Chow, Wong Tuck Meng, Edward Leong, Albert Yap Chee Keon, Steven Au Tai Cheng, Danny Tham Wai Kong, Michael Fu Chak Cheng

AC- Outer circle –Chai choy, mixed vege, BBQ chicken, salad,
rendang, nasi kunyit, chai choy 2, yong tow foo, fried noodles, yong yow foo 2, vadei,
Inner circle: Fried pork, rojak, potato salad, sambal prawns, BBQ mussel with bacon. steam chicken. santan rice.

The MBSian wives did much better than the football wives. They did really well. There was a very good variety of food and it was delicious. Great cooks.

Click on picture for unadulterated version (opens in separate window)

We needed more then a few bottles of wine to wash them down.

Click on picture for unadulterated version (opens in separate window)

The lack of sitting place meant we men stood up most of the evening and the food went down really well. Even then we have to ta pau some food home as we were unable to finish the whole lot. Our two dozen of beer was left untouched as all seems to have moved up to drinking wine. Now I don’t have to buy beer for a year.


Click on picture for unadulterated version (opens in separate window)


The oldest and shortest among us is non other than our Dr. Kayu. For some reason, that bonsai tree never grew beyond 1.5 meters. The baby was Tham Wai Kong. The time between the person attending school first time and the one leaving school span over 30 years! The one with the most white hair is Michael and the one with the least is Edward.

The Hainanese out numbered the Cantonese. Most importantly the average age is in the high 30’s (thanks to all the young wives and children)

We had a great evening. There was non stop talking about the school, teachers, politics, camping and life in New Zealand in general. The wives got on well and exchanged their own experiences. There was much laughter throughout the night but I think the kids were a bit bored. The last guest left about midnight just to avoid turning into a pumpkin. Poor Michael and Jamie has to drive 1.5 hours home.

We now target a get together during Chinese New Year in Michael’s orchard. Lee Lee may do Yee Sang (keep praying)
Eat your hearts out guys. This is the venue for the next MBSian gathering at Michael Fu’s olive orchard.

Eng Sim, Keng Sun, Sze Tin coming across the ditch? We need additional persuasion for that Yee Sang.

Foong Kwok Chuen


October 14, 2007 - Posted by | Alumni, Dining


  1. From the 1st photo I can only identify Lee Lee, Kwok Chuen & of course Tuck Meng. No problem with the photo on ‘Malaysian’ food. Rather lost with the next three photos. And the last one on the olive orchard is my favourite because of its sheer beauty.

    Sure miss NZ since I only had been there once in January 1970 with classmate/soccer player Yong Siew Pak as my host in Wellington, then on my own for the rest of my trip in the north island before going down to south island with schoolmate/BB member Ong Meng Leong’s Mum, sis, & cousin in one car.

    I went across from Sydney to Wellington in a Greek ship with a 4-berth cabin all to myself, went up north by train to Auckland, hitchhiked to Rotorua, hired a bicycle for a day there while staying in a youth hostel, and returned to Wellington by bus. After car trip in south island I flew back to Sydney for my Dip. Ed. course.

    Lost my contacts with both Yong & Ong. Any help out there in NZ?


    Samuel Goh Kim Eng Mon. 15th Oct. 2007.
    MotivationInMotion [BLOGGER]

    Comment by motivationinmotion | October 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. I just came back from Kuala Lumpur on the 10th Jan 08 and was told about the loop by Min Chee at a gathering of MBSian (1969-1972).

    Happened to click on the Auckland gathering in October 2007. Recognise a few people, Lum Kok Kong and my wife’s friend (former public bank) Edward Leong and his wife June Leong ( Tham).

    Hey, Would like to keep in touch with you guys. I am in Sydney. Edward and June, you know my wife Irene Tan of Public bank. We lost contact with both of you when we lost your email. Like to hear from you all. My email is howrumate@yahoo.com.au Thanks to the loop.

    Comment by Tham Seng Deng | January 14, 2008 | Reply

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