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Posted by: Chan Mo Lin (1965-66) Kuala Lumpur

Foong Foo Wah, Anthony

Pharmacologist, scientist, lecturer, author, entrepreneur but above all, a most affable and humble person after all his achievements. Foong Foo Wah, Anthony from Batu Arang and in MBS from 1968 – 1971 was granted a scholarship by the University of Kyoto and after graduating as a pharmacologist, remained in Japan and is now highly successful in a cocktail mix of being an academician and an entrepreneur. He lectures in eight universities in Kyoto and yet finds time to research and successfully develop natural food supplements for anti-aging. He spoke with passion and conviction that his supplements have helped scores of cancer patients.

Foo Wah first e mailed me in April this year when I let on the fact that I was in Tokyo through some Loop mail. He invited me to visit Kyoto which was but 60 minutes from Tokyo by bullet train. I couldn’t but last week I was in Kyoto for six days and made prior arrangements to meet him. Considerate to a fault, Foo Wah sent me several e mails prior to my trip to appraise me of the changing weather.

Erina, Foo Wah, Mo Lin and Noriko

We met for dinner on Sunday September 30 at Kisogi, a shabu shabu restaurant where I had the singular pleasure of meeting his wife Noriko and daughter Erina. Apart from being his business partner, Noriko holds a doctorate in Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement. Erina is a girl after my own heart as she holds a degree in animal psychology.

Foo Wah and Mo Lin
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We met again the following night when I returned his hospitality and he chose a sushi bar that served up the most incredible array of the freshest sushi. A walk after dinner through the quaint Kyoto entertainment street completed our encounter. There was an inexplicable bonding between MBSians that exuded warmth which followed me as I walked back to the hotel.


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