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Visit Mrs. T. Mori, 15 September 2007

Hanifah Reports

A small group of old boys of MBSKL who are the MBS eLoop members, led by Mr. Yong Chee Seng comprising Liew Yow Keong, Wan Heng Yuen, Jonson Chong, Yoon Fook Sang and Hanifah Yoong Yin Fah arrived at her home at No. 220, 4th mile, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur at 11.30 a.m. sharp and were warmly welcomed by Katsunori Mori, third born and second son of Mr. & Mrs. T. Mori and Katsonori’s wife Kim Mori. Mrs. T. Mori was waiting for us and was seated on a chair in her living room when we each shook her hands and bade her our wishes.

Hanifah and Mrs. T. Mori

The next one and a half hours were spent speaking to Mrs. T. Mori and she participated in very animated conversations with us all giving us her own personal accounts of the great man and friend of all MBS boys who had the pleasure to have known him or touched by him. At 91 years of age, Mrs. T. Mori was really sharp mentally and could recall so many past events. She said she cannot hear very well but she understood everything we spoke or asked of her immediately without any of us needing to repeat ourselves.

Amongst many accounts by her in response to our questions, she also touched on Mr. T. Mori’s devotion to the YMCA and the commitments he gave to our country’s first Prime Minister in accompanying him to his first official visit to Japan after Merdeka and how Mr. T. Mori assisted the government to woo Japanese investors into Malaysia. She spoke fondly of her daughter in law, Kim Mori and called her the best daughter in law in the world who looked after her so well all these years.

There were also many individual conversations and reminiscence of the past amongst the visiting group and Kim and Katsunori Mori.

Jonson Chong, MBSOBA President and the youngest in the group listens to grandmother stories from Mrs. T. Mori while Kim Mori looks on.

Kim Mori brought out 3 pieces of cane which Mr. T. Mori used to use as well as many photo albums of old photos.

Tools of the trade

Heng Yuen spent at least half an hour transferring these treasures to digital bank of his camera. Jonson was also snapping pictures with their cameras.

Part of our conversations also touched on making these memories we have of Mr. T. Mori perpetual by electronising/digitalising the valuable archive of printed information on Mr. T. Mori’s chequered past and achievements on the internet as well as pushing for these documents to be preserved in the National Archives.

The visit, more like a family reunion than old boys of Mr. T. Mori paying a courtesy call to Mrs. Mori, lasted an hour and a half.

Seated from left:
Jonson Chong, Mr. Yong Chee Seng, Mr. Katsunori Mori, Yoon Fook Sang, Mrs T Mori, Hanifah
Standing from left:
Mrs. Kim Mori, Liew Yow Keong, Wan Heng Yuen
(behind Jonson’s head is the commendation from Japanese Emperor Hirohito in recognition of Mr. T Mori’s role in service to education and the community)

We bade farewell to Mrs. T. Mori, Kim and Katsunori Mori after a group photo session at 1.00pm.

Mrs & Mr. T Mori in the late 1960s

Wan Heng Yuen Reports
While Mrs. T Mori was chatting with the others, Kim Mori brought out the memorabilia of Mr. T Mori. I had a field day photographing the items. Too long and too many photographs to detail here. This will be the subject of another page.

I was particularly excited to see two of my heroes in one photograph.

Mr. T Mori, (unidentified male), Mrs. Mori, Puan Sharifah Rodziah, (unidentified male) and Tengku Abdul Rahman about to board a train in Tokyo. Mr. Mori was in Japan as the Attache of the Malayan team for the 3rd Asian Games 1958. Concurrently accompanying Malaya’s first prime minister as an interpreter.


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  1. Dear Loopers, should any of you need help in submitting those documentations to the National Archives, I may be able to do so sometime in december/january. I still have a valid Research Card and planning to renew it soon.

    -Darryn K.Y. Chiew-

    Comment by Darryn K.Y. Chiew | November 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hi,
    I am looking for Katsunori Mori.I think he is my old classmate in MBS together with Kok Lit Yoong/Tan jin Chor/lee soh hoong/Lee hung yen…..I wonder where are all thess old friends of mine???

    Comment by Ong Eng Kiow | January 18, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Ong Eng Kiow,

      I am a relative of Katsunori Mori.
      Appreciate if you can please provide your email and some background so he may get back in contact with you?

      Comment by Lee Tye | April 16, 2011 | Reply

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