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Dim Sum Lunch, 18 August 2007

I finished a talk with the IT Brigade of MBSKL at 1.15p.m. and called Jonson to check if I am not too late to meet up for lunch and was told to quick, quick, no traffic jam to skedaddle over to the Oriental in Jaya33. They had just started lunch.


Seated from left: James Lim, Evelyn Ho, Lo Kok Kee

Standing: Jonson Chong, Wan Heng Yuen

Since the numbers arriving was not certain, dim sum was the fare of the day. The decor and ambience of the Oriental in Jaya33 is a vast improvement over the Jaya Complex location and Kok Kee advised that a certain lady director of the company had an open ended budget for the design, furniture and fittings of this new eatery.

Banter during lunch was the events on the MBSLoop which included the departure of Ms Kathleen Mak and the introduction of politics and religion in the Loop discussion.

Hanifah had earlier emailed Jonson that business came first and had to meet bankers in his office on matters financial. Hannifah called at around 2.30 p.m. to advise he was done with the bankers and was anxious to meet, in particular the MBSOBA president Jonson.

Kok Kee settled the bill, apparently on instructions from Mo Lin with expressions of “banyak terima kasih” from the others. The party adjourned downstairs to Coffee Bean. Hanifah arrived a short while later.


Hanifah and Jonson

Would you believe the lunch/tea ended at 5.00 p.m. ? The discourse covered Jonson’s involvement in politics, a matter Hanifah came all the way to meet the man for. Sensitive issues on the MBSLoop were no issues here. Religion, race and politics exchanges were free flow for more than 2 hours.

We had to part company as Hanifah had to report to Bukit Jalil for the weekly speedway races on Saturday. Hanifah seems to have turned many mat rempits into law abiding citizens to have their races on a circuit instead of our highways. Should wrangle an invitation to the VIP box to spectate a race soon.

Wan Heng Yuen
19th August 2007

Photographs copyright and courtesy of Evelyn Ho


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