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BLR Lunch, 21 July 2007

Present not in any particular order:
1. Low Ching Cheong
2. Leong Keng Sun
3. Wan Heng Yuen
4. Yoon Fook Sang
5. Alfred Quek Choo Liang
6. Francis Lee
7. Wong Choon Seng
8. Chang Kah Foo
9. Tan Seng Lee
10. Liu Kwai Choong
11. Wong Tuck Meng
12. Ho Chee Wah
13. Jonson Chong
14. Eric Teo Yoke Woo
15. Soon Kiam Hui
16. Ng Eng Kiat
17. Loke Kwok Lim

The order of business for the day was chat, eat and more chat from 12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. The topics ranged from football, which year were you in, photography and news of each other. Men do not gossip.

The first to arrive punctually were Seng Lee and Kah Foo. No they did not start first but waited for the rest to arrive.


From left: Curried crab, teh tarek, curry mutton, teh limau ais, spinach, pickled cucumber, kopi O, drumstick (vegetable) mutton ribs

The rest of the lunchers arrived and food was served.

Eric and Eng Kiat

Keng Sun, Choon Seng, Alfred and Francis

Jonson and Kwai Choong

In spite of directions from Australia, New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur, Tuck Meng lost his way to Raju. He found his way eventually and meets up with Kah Foo.

Kah Foo, Tuck Meng and banana

One for the album:

Kiam Hui, Alfred, Kwai Choong, Chee Wah

Ching Cheong and “him monkey” Egg Kiat

Kah Foo, Choon Seng, Chee Wah and Kwai Choong

The guest Keng Sun and Choon Seng

The teacher takes attendance
Fook Sang, Kwai Choong, Keng Sun and Eric

Before parting company, a group photograph

Then Loke Kwok Lim arrived in time to sign the attendance book

Choon Seng and was it Eng Kiat? settled the bill. As usual, the hat went round and a sum of RM490.00 was collected for the Centenary Building Fund.

Francis reaches for his wallet.

[23rd July 2007]
The cash is not handed in the school yet, an image of the receipt will be uploaded when available.


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