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Sydney Breakfast, 24 March 2007

Person to throw rotten tomatoes at for this report: LOW ENG SIM
Picture courtesy of a passing waiter

SYDNEY: This is the cholesterol-laden breakfast we had this morning, Saturday March 24, at the corner coffee shop near my place. No guilt; we worked it all off jawing. We were there two hours.

The MBS stamp must be strong; we recognised one another at once even though some of us had never met. Kun Tiat I knew of course – we were classmates, Form 6, 1965-65. Sze Tin, it will take some work for you to look like a Picasso.

Keng Sun, possibly taking on board Kok Kee’s warning that the Nam Heong cashier doesn’t speak Dutch, quietly belanjar-ed us all. He also brought beautiful pictures from the past, small black and white ones. We peered at them as best we could before Sze Tin tactfully produced some magnifying spectacles.

Maybe KK, president of the Camera Club, has a loupe somewhere still to bring to the Ming Room lunch?

Tuck Meng, you have company in the prodigals department. Kun Tiat has seen us and figured us for desperate characters, but safe, and he will be returning to the Loop.

[Click on picture for version with montage]

From left: Leong Keng Sun (lksleong), Yap Kun Tiat (djyap), Mrs Jeanette Yap, Low Eng Sim (elow10), Lim Sze Tin


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