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Ming Room, 24 March 2007


The Lunch gang [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Dato’ Phillip Siew, Lai Wing Fatt, Qua Kiat Seng, Cho Kok Sum, Ronald Loh Kai Woh, Bill Tan Seng Lee, Evelyn Ho, Chan Mo Lin
Wong Choon Seng, Shellatay Devadason, Wong Tuck Meng, Jeffrey Yue, Lo Kok Kee


Chan Mo Lin hosts lunch

My Dear Ming Room Lunch Guests,

Thank you all for coming to my lunch. It was great meeting up with all of you. My first encounter was with Tuck Meng, whom I instinctively recognised, lurking outside and draping seductively on the veranda rail obviously having arrived way too early to make his way inside the restaurant. The bloke he was with, sorry I can’t now remember who, was equally attractive for his age. I happened to have come up the same lift with Chiang Quan (Dato) who co-incidentally was also heading towards Ming Room for some take-away. Chiang Quan endorsed that these two attractive specimens were the MBSians I thought them to be.

Deserving of special mention is Kai Woh, who entered with much fanfare displaying his MBS badge for identification. He did not have to do that really as the moment he smiled his cherubic grin, his teeth belied his oral profession beyond doubt. Thank you Kai Woh, for making this special effort to steal yourself away from your teaching engagement to meet us. I promise a dinner cum karaoke party in my house in June if you are here again.

Shellatay had me confused somewhat for I had imagined her to be a Citron restaurant tai tai but she at once whipped out her business card to not only guarantee capital protection, but promised ROI way in excess of Kok Kee’s record. He turned a shade of pale, as can be seen from this photo taken with me. I should have dropped my right hand to hold his.

Dr Evelyn Ho, the radio repairer filled the room with her personality as soon as she came in. I must confess that she looked far better in person than she was last pictured with the group of inmates from the old folks home having high tea. I can’t vouch for her radio repairing abilities but I am darn impressed by her photography skills. Kok Kee, please vacate your role as official photographer.

Kiat Seng was most comforting and assured me that he will use his latest technique in Photoshop to make my dog bites disappear.

Looking forward to another gathering soon.

Warm regards

Mo Lin

Kuala Lumpur


wongtuckmeng1.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
For a noisy MBS bunch
Earliest to arrive
But nowhere to jive
Was Wong Tuck Meng
Alias Wai Sek Mau!

lohkaiwoh.jpg[Click on thumbnail for full size]
Aloha Ronald Loh Kai Woh
MBS school badge show
Best set of teeth
Was the catalyst
For Lunch & Meet

yeapyulin.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Yeap Yu Lin
Smiling without and within
Had to leave
Class to give
Shellatay Row
Nee Devadason
Secret she shares
Her age pared!

Righto, this is where Mo Lin et al will take over to do poetic justice to the lunch she graciously hosted for us.

Glad to have met Kai Woh and he is so camera friendly, all 3 photos are great. Everyone looked fantastic and Shellatay shared what one could do to reduce the gravity effects on the facial skin. So, write to her for her secret of looking some 20 years younger than she is.

Kiat Seng, Wing Fatt, Jeffrey, Seng Lee and Tuck Meng were very comfortable having just met at a tea party hosted by Hanifah Yoong a week ago. Dato’ Phillip Siew, Lo Kok Kee, Wong Choon Seng and Cho Kok Sum & yours truly, the photographer (I hope I have made all of you look good and pardon the “soft” effects for Choon Seng – yes, just blame the camera in this case!) Evelyn made up the rest of the lunch party.


shell.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Shellatay added:
So much talk So much laughter
All because of same alma mater
Lured by lunch a bond was forged
Lives were enriched as food was gorged!


jeffyue.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Plans were made for durian feast
As Jeffrey revealed his harvest plans
To access his dusun you need the least
A 4 wheel drive to carry the MBS clans

chokoksum.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Cho Kok Sum


datophillipsiew.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Dato Phillip Siew

eve24amar.jpg[Click on thumbnail for full size]
Evelyn Ho

laiingfatt.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Lai Wing Fatt

lokokkee.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size
Lo Kok Kee

quakiatseng1.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Quah Kiat Seng


tansenglee.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Tan Seng Lee

wongchoonseng2.jpg [Click on thumbnail for full size]
Wong Choon Seng











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